Transaction Confirmation

Transaction-Specific Digital Signatures

LoginID provides transaction confirmation capabilities via hardware signatures that prove the presence of the user and application at specific times - this can then be used as non-repudiation on transactions.

Transaction Confirmation Flow
  1. The logged-in user triggers a transaction.

  2. FIDO server generates transaction confirmation requests which are sent to the browser or the application.

  3. Browser / Application displays the transaction content to the end user.

  4. The end user confirms the transaction.

  5. Browser / Application requests biometric verification from the authenticator.

  6. The end user does biometric verification (i.e. approves the transaction).

  7. The Authenticator hashes the transaction content, signs the response, and sends it to the FIDO server.

  8. FIDO server then redirects the response to the client front end with the transaction confirmation token verified.

For more details regarding transaction confirmation flow pleaser refer to: