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Get Started - Java

Initial Setup#

The LoginID Server SDK enables you to perform operations which are protected, enabling much more robust functionality for your users.

Create API Credential on the Dashboard#

An application must be created on the LoginID Dashboard in order to correctly configure the Server SDK.

Once logged into the dashboard, navigate to the Applications tab in the sidebar, select “Add Application,” and select Management.

In the resulting form, you must create a name for your application and provide an API credential to be associated with this application. If you have already created an application, we suggest using the naming convention of “{my-app) server.”

When adding the API credential, you can either upload your own public key, or have us generate a key pair on your behalf.


All API calls made from a Management integration type require an API Service Token

Add SDK to Existing Application#

git clone
cd java-server-side-sdk
mvn clean install

Create an SDK Instance#

LoginId loginId = LoginId(CLIENT_ID, PRIVATE_KEY, BASE_URL);

If using a custom base_url, you can initialize the SDK with that base_url. Otherwise, it will default to the main LoginID production environment.