Let's explore how
this all works
Every now and then, the world pivots. Something
happens that changes the way we do everyday
things. Biometric authentication is one of those
things. And 2020 marks its pivot.
Person Exploring LoginID
Do you have biometric 
enabled on your device?
Follow these instructions  
to ensure that your phone,  
tablet and/or desktop are  
ready to use biometric. 
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How does this 
technology work?
Want to do a deep dive as to 
how biometric authentication 
will make your website/app better? 
Check out our explanations and 
let us know what you think!
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Ready to work
with code?
These links will take you to 
documentation and code samples 
that will have your app and/or 
website up and running in no time.
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No Passwords. It's the better way.
We support all biometrics: fingerprint, face, retina,
USB/NFC/Bluetooth security key.
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