Federated OIDC Integration

CNAME Redirect for your Application (Under Development)

To have your users access your application with a customized URL to your authentication endpoint:

For example, instead of https://oauth2.[region].loginid.io, your URL can be https://login.[client].com.

To enable this customization a new canonical name (CNAME) record redirect needs to be set up in your origin domain name system (DNS) record. Our team is currently developing custom URL support for our clients. Once this feature is completed, you will be able to point the external hostname of your application to the URL provided by LoginID.

Our federated OIDC integration enables our clients to link a user’s digital identity across separate and multiple domains. When multiple applications are “federated,” the end user can utilize one application by authenticating with the other. This will eliminate the need to create separate biometrics authentication for both applications.

Supported operating systems for the federated integrations are: