Integration Overview Guide

This is an overview of the major steps you will need to take to integrate LoginID into your application.

1- Create a LoginID developer account by registering on our dashboard.

2- Integrate the authentication flow with one of our client-side SDKs or server-side SDKs.

3- Retrieve data via our API once you are integrated with our libraries in your backend to query our APIs for authentication related data.

1. Create a LoginID developer account

Create a LoginID developer account by registering on our dashboard. Estimated time: 10s to 30s

  • Click here

  • Enter your email address

  • If you are on a FIDO compatible device you will be prompted for fingerprint, otherwise, our dashboard auto directs you to choose a password path for you your dashboard registration.

  • Your default workspace is your email address. You will be able to rename and/or add other workspaces if you wish to do so.

2&3 Integrate the authentication flow and Retrieve Authentication data

Depending on your requirements, you can integrate LoginID via one of our integration paths:

Client-side SDKs

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Flutter (Mobile)

  • React Native (Mobile)

  • OIDC Node.js



Server-side SDKs

  • DirectWeb

At a high level, most of our integration process can be summarized in 3 steps:

  • Create your client API keys

  • Install and import one of our SDKs in your application

  • Configure LoginID API

  • Get User Account Information and/or perform registration/login/logout operations using our APIs

You can start the integration process on: