Passwordless Login

Enable secure authentication to online services via mobile or desktop with LoginID FIDO2 certified solution on FIDO2 enabled devices. Our out-of-the-box solution can also be utilized in step-up cases as an added factor on any authentication flow such as banking transactions.

Expanded Privacy Feature

By turning each of the user devices into their own certificate authorities, each application will get its own certificate and hence there will be no way to correlate those credentials.

Transaction-Specific Digital Signatures

LoginID provides transaction confirmation capabilities via hardware signatures that prove the presence of the user and application at specific times - this can then be used as non-repudiation on transactions.

FIDO UAF Out-of-the-Box Advantage

LoginID supports Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) FIDO standard with the intention of replacing password from all authentication flows with strong authentication by leveraging native security features of end-user devices with the following out-of-the-box benefits:

  • Replay attack prevention

  • Privacy protection

  • Passwordless and usernameless modes

Management Dashboard

In addition to providing the public-facing Login and Registration flows there is also an administrative component, the ‘Client Dashboard’, which is made available to LoginID clients that wish to use our Authentication Product on their application/website.

Our clients are able to manage their integrations (applications and websites that are authorized to use the LoginID solution), manage internal users on their dashboard, access, and reporting on user activity and device registration.

FIDO Server Management

To help our clients focus on developing their core application, LoginID fully manages all FIDO server's setup, scale, and maintenance.

Customizable Authentication Flows

Depending on your environmental and security needs, your team can leverage multiple authentication standards within FIDO for

  • Addition layer to username/password as Multi-Factor authentication

  • Step-up authentication

  • Step-up second-factor authentication

  • Passwordless approach

  • Usernameless and Passwordless so the user interaction then essentially becomes limited to only gestures.