Authentication as a Service

Configurable Authentication Flows

Depending on your environmental and security needs, your team can leverage multiple authentication standards within FIDO for

  • Addition layer to username/password as Multi-Factor authentication

  • Step-up authentication

  • Step-up second-factor authentication

  • Passwordless approach

  • Usernameless and Passwordless so the user interaction then essentially becomes limited to only gestures.

FIDO UAF Out-of-the-Box Advantage

LoginID supports Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) FIDO standard with the intention of replacing password from all authentication flows with strong authentication by leveraging native security features of end-user devices with the following out-of-the-box benefits:

  • Replay attack prevention

  • Privacy protection

  • Passwordless and usernameless modes

FIDO Server Management

To help our clients focus on developing their core application, LoginID fully manages all FIDO server's setup, scale, and maintenance.